The Chandy Strategy

By AqUa_iGamerAqUa_iGamer. Last updated

The chandy strategy lets you use basically 1 move the whole game. The strategy is using his laser which is Forward Y in field and dual phase. This strategy allows you to do a wall combo that does a lot of damage and quickly kill your opponent. One thing you might have trouble with chandy is some Pokemon might be able to hit you first like Lucario if you are on a medium or small stage. This includes Lucario, Pikachu and Suicune. (More to be added when more info is found). When you encounter these Pokemon on a small to medium stage to be safe you can just fire an uncharged laser right away. Make sure when you start once you made space you try to keep them close to the wall as possible so that when they stick to the wall so you can combo it into an uncharged laser. Sometimes when they stick to the wall they will be high enough to get a fully charged laser for a more damaging combo. If they come close to you and are being aggressive you can hit them with a smog which is Forward A in field and dual. In dual phase if they caught up to you, you can try to do an overheat (Up A) but you should only do it if they will die to the overheat as overheat will lower your speed and attack.

(Will update if something is wrong or more info is found)

(This is based off of the green league run but could be used for a run that takes you to higher leagues)