Green League Stage List Strats

By AqUa_iGamerAqUa_iGamer. Last updated

-Old Ferrum Town

This stage isn’t the best, in fact the worst. You really don’t want this stage at all but RNG will give it to you. If you get this stage Pokemon like lucario, suicune and pikachu will be able to hit you before you fully charge laser with chandy or hydro with suicune. I suggest homing attack or an uncharged laser to start off then space them out as much as you can. The other pokemon you fight won’t really be a problem just make sure to back up before charging your laser against weavile.

-Neos City

This stage isn’t the best but it is still good. The same rules for old ferrum town apply here but you will be able to do wall splat combos and maybe be able to get a fully charged laser if fast. Just remember to space out and if they run around you hit them with smog once they stop moving if you want to be safe.

-Diggersby Land

Really good map for running this game. You won’t have to worry about anything in this map just remember to space correctly.

-Tellur Town

Really good stage it’s exactly like Diggersby Land but bigger.

-Phos Volcano

Really good stage for slow pokemon. Some pokemon are hard to hit on this stage but they shouldn’t contest you. It also might be a bit hard to make them stick to that wall after a laser to be cautious of this and make sure to not fire a laser at an invincible opponent.

-Ferrum Stadium

Just charge laser. It’s the best