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Hello everyone,

I have a few suggestions to make in regards to the categories and what should be allowed for submissions.

-Nintendo Switch Submissions-

Full Game Runs must start on a new file. Make sure you specify the category you are running. Video proof with display timer in the video is required. Timer starts when you press "yes" on the language screen and timer stops at the ending credits.

IL (Individual Run) in Happenstance Island only for submission. Video proof is required. Display Timer is not needed during the video. The In-Game Timer is being used instead. More info on that down below

RTA (Real Time Attack) Single World Completion Runs. Video proof with display timer in the video is required. Timer starts when you gain control for your team and time ends on the final hit on the boss on the final level of that world.

-Mobile Version Submissions-

Only IL Runs in Happenstance Island is allowed for submissions. Video proof is required.

-How is the IL Record in Happenstance are being timed?-

Again IL runs in Happenstance Island will required video proof. The In-Game timer of those levels will be used and adjusted accordingly giving you the IL time of that level. For example, the levels in Happenstance gives you a 5 minute timer to complete the level. The time it took you to finish will be adjusted from the 5 minutes giving you the official completion time.


I hope these suggestions better clarify on things and tidy up the leaderboard.

If any questions or concerns on the subject please comment.

Thank you

and Good Luck on the speedruns everyone!


wait so for the first world - First Steppe, u dont have to start a new game right?


so u can totally power through with strong pokemon.