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Since there is no in-game timer I've notice some oddities in the mobile side of the submissions. Some mobile devices have this tendency to load the games longer than others. To correct this and make it fair for all gaming platforms the rules will need adjustments.

The new rules for IL Runs will be as applied.

- Timer starts when the Tip Screen fades away completely.
- Timer stops on the final hit on the level boss.

This will be the new rules for IL Runs going forward. I will personally review all of the already submitted runs in the leaderboard and I will adjust the times accordingly.

If you have any questions regarding to this post please leave a comment.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

Update: All the rework and times adjusted is now fixed and updated. Whew! lol

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Thank you demonflip, this makes a lot of sense as mobile (especially android) devices have generally longer loading times than switch, as the switch is a more powerful console.

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@Bogi2323 Of course! It's about time that I stepped in. The leaderboard needed some rework and iron out all of the details. Everything should make sense now.

@jpfisher116 I try my best actually lol