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He just set this up, give him some time

At that, I'd Iike to request to be verifier for this game. I'm pretty active and I'd love to help out with verifications

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Sure thing. I'm to this i will set you verifyer. Very soon give me till 6pm est. Like 1 hour thanks


Im also doing another run at 6pm.

Question can i stream to this site as well?

Also anyone can help to make sure i get this place up and ready for speedruns.

My time is 7:40.05.66

Video broke into 3 uploads on youtube. Can we put that time up when i get back?


i held a record on belly button cave-1 but now im second place but the guy above me has a slower time could someone fix this


Fixed. The reason for this was that he put in-game time for no reason. Keep in mind everyone, if you use in-game time ONLY out in the ingame time, and if the level does have an in-game time DON'T PUT IN REAL-TIME. This messes up the leaderboards. Thank you.