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As I'm sure you're aware, you can change the phone settings of the devices current date/time which the game registers in two ways: adding a visiting pokemon to your camp to join & refreshing your adventure battery.

The current rules don't prohibit this as far as I can tell, so will this be allowed during Any% runs on mobile? I think it will add a nice wrinkle to give the game some more routing/optimizing decisions.


Hi and thank you for your interest in Speedrunning this game. Myself and the rest of the mods have already decided that the use of "time travelling" on mobile is prohibited. I will correct that in the rules as I was the one in charge of it when I was making some changes before.

It is true with the use of Time Travelling does impact the outcome of the game but I would like to see the game being played as intended without the use of any exploits outside the game.

Thank you for your understanding!


That makes sense.

Maybe in the future if the community continues to grow, it could be an added category, especially if other glitches are found in future content. It gives the community more to test with the game and would also line up better with the other pokemon RPG games that utilize both categories. I personally enjoy watching glitchless runs because you get to see the game mostly as intended.

This isn't to challenge the current rules or to say I disagree, it's just some food for thought for the future.

For now, I'll be practicing to get a good posting for Any% (No DLC), since F2P is my way of life.


It was actually an error in my part when I made some changes to the leaderboard and forgetting to add specific conditions in the rules in certain categories. We don’t want to reject runs because the rules were not specified or clear when certain glitches and exploits are currently in the game.

Mind you, good luck on your practice in Any% No DLC.

I run both Any% DLC and No DLC in this game.