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I started speedrunning this game recently and noticed that you can submit individual level runs using screenshots for both normal and hard difficulty. Screenshots should not be allowed for hard difficulty levels since we can't really tell if the run was really made in hard difficulty. Video proof for hard level speedruns would not really need a recording of the entire run, people could just record the results of the run:

-The part that says "Clear" and the time the player achieved
-The part with the sidemissions to see if the "Clear in hard mode" gets checked.

Another rules that should be changed are the full-game speedrun ones. The reason is because these categories require the player to have pokemon with a specific power level. The problem with this is that when players keep ranking up, the power of the pokemon they capture increase, meaning that the player may not be able to participate in some categories simply because he isn't able to capture pokemon that meets the required power level anymore. Something else that can be done is that the categories keep the rules with the power requirement and add a sub category for any power level.

Also the full game leaderboard categories should get a hard mode too.


Originally the idea of posting just a picture was born out of the difficulty of recording a 3DS but yes it can be easy to record a small clip with a phone, I know I won't be too picky on quality. It's something that was just a placeholder while stuff was figured out, I agree this is something that ought to be changed and something I will change the coming day!

As for the full game stuff, I will look into that a bit more before deciding on any changes on it, I feel that it may be alright for now but of course I will update on how that goes soon as I check!

Apologies for the lateness of the reply.

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Some of the Royal Competition levels should require video evidence because some of those levels look the same and there's no way to tell which one the player really played.