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Hello All,

Yes I am essentially a no namer in this community, however I wanted to put an idea out there to increase the precision of timing of pokemon runs in general.

It's my opinion that pokemon speedrun timing down to the "second" is largely sufficient for the vast majority of runs as far as the leaderboard is concerned. Although, every once in a while, two runs will be posted that are within a second of eachother. I propose that this issue should be dealt with by retiming those runs to find out which run really was "faster".

This would involve expanding the timing criteria to the millisecond value as opposed to the second value, for only the runs that are in question (those that are similar to the second value). The reason why I think this is a good idea is based on principle. It is very likely that out of the two runs, one run is truly faster. I think that dabbling in this precision is warranted. The faster runner should be awarded a better rank than the slightly slower runner.

So what I'm essentially suggesting, is that if there is reasonable suspicion that a half second disparity or more exists, then the runs should be retimed and adjusted so that a clear superiority is revealed. Average human reaction time to an audio stimulus is .17 seconds, and similarly the reaction to a video stimulus is around .25 seconds. This said, the faster run should be ranked on the leaderboard accordingly.

I understand if there is a negative backlash to this idea. But I just wanted to put the idea out there and see what people think. The reason why I posted this is because I have a scientific interest in precision (I think most pokemon speedrunners do too).

Thanks for your consideration!

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