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i was just thinking about ways to speed run pokemon and I thought how cool would it be to speedrun completing the dex? obviously the national dex is almost impossible, but I was thinking completing that game's region's dex? you would need both games of that region for the exclusives, the rules could be 1 copy of each version for the region(not generation) and 1 to 2 players speedruns completing the entire hoenn dex for example with oras. make for some interesting runs and require good co op! the hardest part would most likely be starters, so one game would have to be restarted after getting all of its exclusives, but other than that no trading between any game other than the 2 you start with, must reset game, finished the run when you get the oval charm or whatever it's called from professor in gen 5 up or whatever award you get in the previous ones


There is a "Catch 'Em All" category for Red/Blue, if that's what you're looking for. There isn't one for the later games though. There's not as many glitches to abuse so quickly farming Pokémon becomes very difficult. If you want a "Catch 'Em All" category for the other games then it'd probably be better to restrict it to the game itself (ie no trading) and get all the possible Pokémon in the region dex, as you said.


yeah I know it would definitely be difficult to do it but it seemed like more of a "fun" category and would make people do team runs if they wanted to complete it quickly, definitely not easy but a fun challenge for a group of friends to do or just for a more casual speed run where you wanna do it quickly but not going for world records or anything