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I looked around in the web for speedruns of Pokemon randomizer but didnt really found something. I just found a few requests for AGDQ but I understand that the idea of playing a randomizer isnt a good idea for awesome games done quick. However I do just for fun speedruns of Pokemon randomizer with a few own seted rules (for config of the randomizer). Its emerald randomizer btw. I just want ask if its possible to open a new category for randomizer in the diffrent games? A randomizer speedrun is a bit like a normal speedrun. You need much knowledge about the game and deal quick with difficult sytuations! Also planning is a big point. As example you have to quick find a pokemon with a ``not-normal`` attack for ghost pokemon or a fly/fire type for wonderguard pkm. Also its good to catch quick at the beginning a good variation of pokemon. Well a speedrun of a randomizer is really complex and I hope you think about my idea because if you do it ``right`` this ``game`` isnt that luck based.

(Its not an original game its a hack so maybe count as a completely new game?)

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See the second post here for rationale behind not adding randomizer leaderboards:

Randomizer runs are more popular as races. If you want to organise a randomizer race, feel free to do so on the PSR Discord!

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Thank you for clearing up! Helped me alot.^^
I competely understand the arguments but still disagree with not adding a LB. You dont need ONE specific pokemon as starter. You can try to catch quick a grass and a water type and you shouldnt get big problems. Maybe searching for a firestarter next or a fly type to fly, there are much ways and not one only way ``the perfect rom``.

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If anyone were to seriously aim for fastest randomizer time, they would just reset a rom with a powerful starter until they steamrolled their foes quickly enough. Then someone would beat that time when a new randomizer seed was discovered with more enemy Pokémon you could one-hit, or a level-up movepool that allowed you to teach all the HMs to your starter and still steamroll everything, or whatever.

There's very little competitive value in a randomizer leaderboard. The skills of adaptation that you champion would be worthless in such an environment. In a race setting, you have to make decisions on the fly to outmanoevre other racers in the face of unknown and unexpected challenges. That's where randomizers shine.

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Well, then we have a diffrent intention in speedrunning. Maybe because (how you probably already saw) I do speedruns in Minecraft (specially a gamemode called DeathRun) but in MC speedruns its about to find the best seed for the diffrent categories and use it. Same count for DR, there is a death (another random player (its an online game)) he try to stop you with traps and you try to finish the parkour. There are speedruns for it on!
In minecraft Vanilla Seedless speedrun you have to exactly know what materials you need to have no problems to finish and refresh so often till you get a good map for it. (Sometimes people have the 200. world for it).

If you look at minecraft and how much player speedrunned it (much also just on youtube not submitted) it have a huge fanbase and also is on AGDQ.

With good seted rules, randomizer Speedruns could be a good speedrun competitive game.
Also not everything should be randomized like the attacks pokemon learn to AVOID ultra op mons.

The ``seed-problem`` you and PSR have isnt a rule wich is written somewhere for generally speedruns. Its just the fact that you dont like this idea what doesent make it to a bad idea. It takes much time to plan a whole game with no examples. In normal speedruns you can simply watch the speedrun of the best time and try to make it better with the same rounte and in randomizers there are over 100 routes wich make a speedrun way more intresting.

Edit: oh and the argument Pokemon is not Minecraft do not count ok? 😃

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Wonder trade runs of gen 6 or 7 are also best as races for this reason as well.


Ponyah is absolutely right. I've also looked for speedrun with randomizers. I mean, it has exactly the same speedrun value as all other speed runs because it's about luck. And Set seed speedrun could also be very interesting.
Please add the randomizer category with RS (random seed) and SS (set seed) to the Pokemon Series!


Point remains the same. The value of a Randomized Run is the ability to make adjustments on the fly. This gets obliterated within a 'WR' setting, where the the goal is to be as fast as humanly possible. Garf's post (from forever ago) still stands.

"Random Seed" is completely pointless because of how shuffled everything gets, there's no quality control, so the only way to make a 'Fair' leaderboard is to just do a Set Seed.

"Set Seed"s problem comes from the opposite effect. In order to have a Set Seed Leaderboard, you'd need to basically make a new board for EACH SEED. This significantly clutters the board, to the point where it becomes nearly impossible to enforce new runs.

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