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Howdy, I'm interested in speedrunning and want to speedrun one of my favorite games pokemon go.

Yes I know it sounds crazy to find/create a good speedrun category for the game but there are some easy-to-access battles with computer trainers which all have different difficulties. These battles are against the team Valor, Mystic, and Instinct leaders which all specialize in a specific type with Valor's Leader Candella being Fire, Mystics Leader Blanche being ice, and Instincts Leader Spark being electric. Sure this might mean that it will be easy but remember each of the leaders come in three different difficulties which are Great League (1500 CP CAP), Ultra League (2500 CP CAP), and Master League (No CP CAP). For all these difficulties each leader has a different consistent team of pokemon (the quick and charge moves that their pokemon have are the only things that change) ie each leader has their own team of different pokemon for the Great League, Ultra League, and Master League. With this, it's possible for runners or people interested in running the game to build a team of pokemon to get a good record. Sure it does sound like it might be a grind for some to find the right team for a perfect run but what's the fun of speedrunning without a grind (also rng can be a pain but oh well).

Here are my two best runs so far to give you a hint of what I mean

The main reason I want to start the pokemon go speed run community is to give it more life. I'm part of a big pokemon go discord server and want to see the community interact in many different ways. I want to change the game with speed runs. May I have a chance to make a difference.

Thank You for everything
Stay Awesome

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