My Insane Pace

A podcast showcasing the people behind the speedruns

By ALTInsider

No Major Opinions

A monthly news and chat show about speedrunning brought to you by the North American Speedrunner Assembly. At least once a month we will banter over various speedrun topics and news, interview guests, and explore speedgames.

By CavemanDCJ, cfb, Dark-Aries, Darkfox, Lazerlong, lurk, Naegleria, TwoWorlds

Serious Individuals Radio

Some have described our podcast as “Off the wall”. Sort of like when a picture frame falls off the wall, shatters, and gets swept into the bin.

By Kyle, ryedawg, tolly2hot

The Frame Savers

A witty, light-hearted podcast about playing retro video games really fast.

By authorblues, johncarls

The Quast

The English Quast is focused around bringing your favourite speedrunners to the channel to talk about speedrunning related topics and show off their personalities.

By Dragolina

The Two Dads Podcast

A podcast based around speedrunning and the mentality and work ethic involved. It is streamed live every Monday at 6pm EST on Twitch. We share ideas and philosophies of speedgaming and how to approach it in a positive way.

By cheese05, simply

Warp World Podcast

Talk about cool new technology, streaming news, as well as overall gaming news.

By grandpoobear, Jaku, xwater

Retired: Real Time Chatting

A speedrunning podcast. Our goal is to highlight a speedgame every week, where we bring a runner on as a guest to explain all about it. We also do a quick recap of the week in speedrunning.

By Joshimuz, S.

Retired: The Final Split

Speedrunning podcast with discussion, highlights, and banter.

By Golden, darkman78, spikevegeta

Retired: The Sunday Sequence Break

A news and chat show about speedrunning. Each week we discuss a game in detail with some of the game's top runners as guests. Then we do the weekly speedrun news and keep you up to date on world records and current events.

By flicky, feasel, TheGreatGildersneeze, Arkhanno, PJ, duckfist