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2 years ago
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She/Her, They/Them
2 years ago

I'd like to request that Resolution Mode be added as a category. I've posted my first run in this category here:

Since you can only change which challenge mode the game will use after you leave the title screen, I decided to start timing from when I left the options menu. However, I did include the first input on the title screen in the video, just in case we want to use that instead.

The Any% rules should also be updated to reflect that a run in that category must be completed with the challenge mode set to none, since under the current ruleset the run I linked here would technically be the new record.

Agree with everything. Seems like a more interesting run tbh, I tried a few on the original patch where it was added but hit a brick wall around the E4 usually. I am guessing the new patches make it much easier to get appropriate pokemon and get them tributed etc.

  • its shorter than any% I'm a bit busy atm, but I will get it all sorted out later today.
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Should all be up now, feel free to submit.

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