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Hey, can someone explain me how to use the LiveSplit load remover of Kotti, i have already done similar things in Penumbra Black Plague with the IGT timer but here i am lost.

Thank you 😉



I can think of two problems you may be having:
1) You have the wrong version of Penumbra: Overture so its not compatible with the load remover. The version for the load remover is 1.07 or something like that, because this version allows for the inventory jumping glitch. The steam version currently doesn't have a load remover (You could just submit RTA times for now if you so desire).

2) You have the right version of the game, but unlike Black Plague where you only have to hit "activate" in LiveSplit, you have to manually add this load remover. To do so, right-click LiveSplit > Edit Layout > Click the "+" > Control > Scriptable Autosplitter, then select the file you downloaded in the resources section.

I hope that answered any questions 🙂


Thank you, now it works i knew that i had to manually add the load remover but i didn't knew that we must put the file in resources section.

Thanks now i can speedrun without any problems 🙂