Any% QSA (Quick-Saves Allowed) in 12m 12s by JackeyJackey - 1st place

The beginning of the run can be improved, the end was awesome, definitly one of the most stressful run i did

In-game time: 10m 30s

Patch: 1.0

Played on PC on

Submitted by JackeyJackey on

Game doesn't require verification.


Name Duration Finished at
Boat Cabin 0m 15s 253ms 0m 15s
Outside 0m 17s 485ms 0m 32s
Mine Entrance 0m 11s 158ms 0m 43s
Shafts (1/4) 0m 18s 138ms 1m 02s
Old Storage 0m 40s 094ms 1m 42s
Shafts (2/4) 0m 23s 410ms 2m 05s
Office 0m 10s 403ms 2m 15s
Shafts (3/4) 0m 36s 924ms 2m 52s
Workshop 0m 26s 921ms 3m 19s
Shafts (4/4) 0m 25s 643ms 3m 45s
Lead Mine Shafts A 0m 27s 795ms 4m 13s
Lead Mine Shafts B 0m 43s 297ms 4m 56s
Lead Mine Shafts C 0m 11s 626ms 5m 08s
Small Shaft 0m 20s 939ms 5m 29s
Iron Mine Shafts 0m 35s 281ms 6m 04s
Iron Storage Tunnel (1/3) 0m 38s 780ms 6m 43s
Destroyed Shaft 0m 35s 223ms 7m 18s
Iron Storage Tunnels (2/3) 0m 23s 030ms 7m 41s
Refinery 0m 44s 362ms 8m 25s
Mining Room 0m 40s 278ms 9m 06s
Iron Storage Tunnels (3/3) 0m 28s 394ms 9m 34s
Iron Base Tunnels (1/2) 0m 18s 215ms 9m 52s
Ice Cave 0m 46s 314ms 10m 38s
Iron Base Tunnels (2/2) 0m 28s 331ms 11m 07s
Door Shaft 0m 49s 562ms 11m 56s
Base Entrance 0m 16s 081ms 12m 12s
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