LiveSplit Load Remover for 1.0

Removes load times from Overture 1.0. No autosplitting. (direct download)

By KottiKotti

Load Remover & AutoSplitter (for Overture 1.0)

Automatically starts time when loading boat cabin, and splits when changing maps. Includes a splits file for every loading zone for compatibility. (Fixed issue where the full duration load screens weren't removed from timing) (direct download)

By PsychoManiacPsychoManiac

No-Portal Maps for Overture

Gets rid of map portals that cause the screen to turn black when out of bounds, useful for testing/practicing stuff. *DO NOT USE DURING ACTUAL RUNS* - Testing only! (direct download)

By PsychoManiacPsychoManiac


Saves of each map

(direct download)

By JackeyJackey


No Major Glitches Splits

Spilts for all map loads in No Major Glitches (direct download)

By CakeriCakeri