B-Doing Woods

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Example Video:

Rev roll and jump up the path to the b-doing, then roll to the blue one (dont do fully charged, or you'll overshoot it)
Bounce on the corner of the b-doing and move straight forward to get to the triangular prism one.
Roll to the blue trampoline and try to land in the green circle so that it's properly tilted.
climb the tree, jump to the box.
Aim southwest and fully charge your roll, then curve very very slightly downwards as you roll.
Here you have two different options, 3-jump (slower/easier) or 2-jump (faster/harder)
The blue path shows 3 jump, jumping to the 3rd b-doing and then butt bouncing directly up to the top of the tree. (Lands on 3rd b-doing twice)
The purple path shows 2 jump, jumping to the 2nd b-doing and then butt bouncing off of the 3rd b-doing without landing on it. (Lands on 3rd b-doing once)
2-jump usually causes you to grab onto the edge of the tree, but if your movement is perfect (and I really mean perfect, this is not easy) you can get up there without grabbing the edge by using a butt-bounce to land on the edge (similar to the end of canyon chaos) This saves 1 second.
Rev-roll along the path, and then jump across to the final blue b-doing. Similar to earlier in the level, land on the back end of the trampoline to tilt it upwards so you can use it as a ramp.
Roll along the area until you get to this area.
(The video messes up this part sorry) You want to follow the red path in that screenshot, then just roll along to the end of the level.
Note that if you are tagged by a ghost as you are charging a rev-roll your camera will jerk around to face them, usually killing you, so watch out for that.

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