Bear Basics (any%)

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Example Run:

As the levels holding, hold up right up on the analog stick.
Jump to the platform and rev roll to the maze exit.
Climb up to the top, and run a short distance forward. (Red is fine, Green is optimal)
Aim yourself slightly to the right of the leftmost corner of the pit, this allows pacman to dip into the pit and get a faster turn to the right, avoiding the wall.
You need to be further than the red line to do a 3-rev roll bear basics, if you didn't go far enough, just run forward until you're at the line.
The next trick is a jump out of rev-roll, basically just jump at the very end of the roll. Careful though, if you hit jump too early then pacman will stop dead in his tracks. If you're past the green line you can make it to the top of the hill, but if you're past the red line you can go directly into a buttbounce on the button out of your jump up the hill.
A half-charged roll should get you to the edge of the water, make sure you don't go too far.
Fully charged roll to the side of the hill.
Use the hill as a ramp to make it further into the pond.
Half-charged rev roll to the ending. Don't charge it too much or you'll have to wait for pac-mans skidding animation to end before it starts playing the end of level animation.

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