Any% in 19m 19s by DrastDrast - 1st place

Submitted by:
DrastDrast on
Played on:
PC on
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DrastDrast on


Name Duration Finished at
Boppin' Block Road (1) 0m 39s 000ms 0m 39s
Swinging Sewers (2-3) 0m 44s 000ms 1m 23s
Risky Rail Ride (2) 0m 47s 000ms 2m 11s
King Thwomp's Throwdown (2) 1m 35s 000ms 3m 46s
Snake Plate Sands (3) 1m 19s 000ms 5m 06s
Perilous Platform Panic (3) 0m 41s 000ms 5m 48s
Loco Poco's Track Attack (3) 1m 57s 000ms 7m 46s
Icy Incline (3) 0m 57s 000ms 8m 43s
Turnabout Temple (2-3) 0m 59s 000ms 9m 43s
Switch Block Skywalk (3) 0m 49s 000ms 10m 32s
Hazerblade's Galleon Grapple (3) 1m 31s 000ms 12m 04s
Lethal Azure Arrow Lifts (1) 1m 04s 000ms 13m 08s
Menacing Moon Melee (0) 0m 39s 000ms 13m 47s
Amped Up Alley (1) 1m 10s 000ms 14m 57s
The end? 1m 59s 000ms 16m 57s
ok (ok) 2m 22s 000ms 19m 19s
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