Any% in 6h 32m 16s by ikuyoikuyo - 2nd place

Never. Again.

In-game time: 6h 45m 00s

Uses NTR: Yes

Played on New Nintendo 3DS [USA] on

Submitted by ikuyoikuyo on

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Name Duration Finished at
P.1: On a Dark and Stormy Night 18m 14s 000ms 18m 14s
- Part 1 9m 49s 000ms 28m 04s
{P.2: English Turnabout} Part 2 14m 56s 000ms 43m 00s
Ch.1: Mysterious Labyrinthia 35m 50s 000ms 1h 18m 50s
- Part 1 21m 42s 000ms 1h 40m 32s
{Ch.2: The Fire Witch} Part 2 25m 36s 000ms 2h 06m 09s
Ch.3: The Great Witch 33m 47s 000ms 2h 39m 57s
- Part 1 25m 09s 000ms 3h 05m 06s
{Ch.4: The Golden Court} Part 2 31m 39s 000ms 3h 36m 46s
Ch.5: A Taste of Despair 31m 46s 000ms 4h 08m 32s
Ch.6: Secrets of the Underground Ruins 16m 30s 000ms 4h 25m 03s
Ch.7: The Story's End 13m 58s 000ms 4h 39m 02s
- Part 1 27m 56s 000ms 5h 06m 59s
{Ch.8: The Final Witch Trial} Part 2 11m 34s 000ms 5h 18m 33s
- Part 1 12m 28s 000ms 5h 31m 01s
{Ch.9: The Last Inquisition} Part 2 18m 14s 000ms 5h 49m 16s
- Part 1 17m 42s 000ms 6h 06m 58s
{Epilogue: The First Story} Part 2 25m 18s 000ms 6h 32m 16s
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