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Forum: Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Thread: weird galaxy upwarp? thing

Started by: plpplp

was wondering if this was a known thing and if so would love to know what happened lol (all stars version ofc) https://twitter.com/notplp/status/1309960686466863105


Forum: Yono and the Celestial Elephants

Thread: Any World From The Start of The Game

Started by: plpplp

(edited: )

let it be known this was discovered on the switch version



Forum: Mechstermination Force

Thread: crouch cancel hammer

Started by: plpplp

you can cancel the end lag of the hammer by crouching and immediately perform another 1, dont know if this would be useful anywhere outside of the first boss but yea https://twitter.com/notplp/status/1113950037820579840


Forum: Vroom in the night sky

Thread: rule change

Started by: plpplp

(edited: )

since this is a thing now https://www.speedrun.com/vroom/thread/v4oru all future runs/ils will require video

all current ILs will remain


Forum: Vroom in the night sky

Thread: Rule Change Suggestion for ILs

Started by: einsoeinso

damn thanks for bringing this 2 attention the only way i can think of around this is video proof being needed (older runs w/o vids will stay though)


Forum: Octopath Traveler

Thread: random floor clip

Started by: plpplp

(edited: )

just playing casually and managed to clip into the floor in the cave for ophilias intro chapter https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DjJw7lnU8AA2zgx.jpg:large you're stuck in the one spot, switching characters just changes whos stuck

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Forum: Vroom in the night sky

Thread: Category suggestions

Started by: PiePusher11PiePusher11

its fucking vroom in the night sky dude, you're mod now go nuts with the categories lmao


Forum: Super Mario Odyssey

Thread: Tostarena Building Clip

Started by: plpplp

(edited: )

dont know if anyone's found this before but i accidentally clipped into one of the buildings in the sand kingdom town.

have fun putting balloons there

this is on the latest patch btw

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Forum: Nicktoons Racing (PC)

Thread: Category Ideas.

Started by: [Deleted user]

modded u. go nuts


Forum: Splatoon 2

Thread: Digital Vs Physical Load Comparison

Started by: plpplp

bought it again to run so why not. 1 test only, loads can vary slightly.

not shown: exiting levels/hopping worlds (no difference)

only timed levels in the first world. can test others if requested

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Forum: Yono and the Celestial Elephants

Thread: Yono Discord

Started by: plpplp

Yono has a Discord now. Join for discussion on Routes/Glitches, changes with the Leaderboard, and other WACKY things!!! https://discordapp.com/invite/nCSkX2Y


Forum: Yono and the Celestial Elephants

Thread: Executioner Skip

Started by: anomulus0anomulus0

(edited: )

thought about making a guide, didnt think it was needed but here you go

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Forum: Cuphead

Thread: World 2 from new game glitch thing

Started by: plpplp

i literally just started a new game, paused after going through 1 text box by the kettle man, exited out and bam world 2 spawn. no fucking idea what happened and i havent been able to do it again


Forum: Cuphead

Thread: World 2 from new game glitch thing

Started by: plpplp

I started a new game (testing out load remover) and when I exited out of the house the game spawned me in the world 2 hub. Just thought this was an interesting thing to note


Forum: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Thread: Clip in the floor on World 2's hub

Started by: plpplp

I've found a floor clip by using 1 of the empty block holes used to enter World 2. It's extremely simple and easy to do, just walk against the bottom left corner of the hole until you clip.


I'm assuming depending on how far you hold forward after you clip, you will either go into the floor and be able to move around, or get stuck in the hole and softlock.

Interested to see if this leads to anything...


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Forum: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Thread: hey lets kick this page off

Started by: plpplp

so other than like a world 1 run (which was pretty bad tbh) i've yet to see any real speedrun stuff for this game so far (i mean it just came out so yea). i've started routing the game and have got half of world 1 done so far with a pretty good route (26m to beat pirabbid in an offline recap run) i'd also like to suggest when any categories are added that it might be good to have sub categories for DLC and vanilla (no dlc), considering weapons like the pixel pack (and amiibo weapons) are either locked behind a paywall or exclusive to preorder/collectors packs. ill be streaming my routing/runs in the coming days if any1 wants to watch/help me do stuff in that. thanks 4 reading ❤️

tldr: whats up im routing rabbids lol

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Forum: Pac-Man World 2

Thread: What capture devices do y'all use?

Started by: iEggSavioriEggSavior

For non-HD games i highly recommend the GV-USB2. Great SD Capture card http://amzn.to/2b3U4jb


Forum: The Letter

Thread: Requesting All Tapes (V1.2) category to be added

Started by: plpplp

Rules would be:

-Collect all 5 tapes and beat the hidden level

-Timing starts on starting a new game

-Timing ends upon collecting the 5th tape


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Forum: Pac-Man World 2

Thread: Why no Wii Users?

Started by: MontraMontra

The versions listed are just what platforms the games released on, not the console played. You can use whatever console you want


Forum: Pac-Man World 2

Thread: Potential Changes to Leaderboards *PLEASE READ*

Started by: RSRRSR

If people really cared THAT much about their time being removed, they would just get a new PB on video.

PLUS literally about 95% of people have some sort of phone/other kind of camera that can record (point it at the TV for the runs). No reason to have no video unless you dont have any phone made past 2005.

Rules should be changed.

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