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Complete a level using checkpoints to redo certain parts and switch to different characters to make your run faster. Example, in Lettuce Lane, play Scooter up until the third checkpoint, then switch to any Glide character and use the faster exit. (Double Jump characters can also do the exit but it's much slower and harder.) [This example is from Papa Louie 2, but it still applies to Papa Louie 3.]

Complete the level as fast as possible using multiple characters or just one and any exit. It is recommended to download the 100% save file provided in the Resources tab so you have all the characters unlocked.
Runs can be done in multiple segments, using checkpoints is allowed.
You may not use the "Medium" or "Low" Quality settings by right clicking the game.
Timing is done by the In-Game Timer on the bottom left to the screen.
Runs do not require a video.
Times that are impossible to achieve will be rejected.

Post your run's time, picture, or video here.
You can give a description to your run to if you want.


Well since i cant record ill post this time here since its better than time thats required to have video. I got a 17:03.11 in 15 warp keys 🙂


Good run! but it's not an epic run, so it doesn't really make sense to be posted here.


This forum has been locked as Epic Runs are officially on the leaderboard now.