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I've been running Any% Glitchless, but under the stipulation that you can only use Pikachu to battle during the run.

Would it be possible to split this off into a separate category for Any% Glitchless, Pikachu Only?

The runs must adhere to all Any% Glitchless rules and thus runs are submittable to those leaderboards, but to qualify as Pikachu Only you must adhere to these additional rules:

Pikachu is the only pokemon on your team that can use damaging and non-volatile/volatile status inflicting moves with the intent to kill or capture a pokemon.
If pikachu faints and another pokemon is forced to be called in you can only use items against a wild pokemon, and vs a trainer you can use the pokemon's natural status move [growl, tail whip, sand attack, etc], you can use items, and if you're not going to revive pikachu to continue the battle you can use damaging moves that will not kill the trainer's pokemon with the intent of allowing you to lose the battle faster (e.g. using tackle instead of growl so that the pokemon's attack stat will not be lowered and can kill your pokemon faster). If a pokemon other than your starter pikachu kills an enemy pokemon, or if another pokemon contributes damage in a battle that you win (or catch the pokemon) the run is invalid.

I've run this category a few times now, and I enjoy it a lot. My latest run can be seen here:

Regardless of if it gets split into its own category I'll continue playing the game like this, but I was just curious what I'd have to do to make it an official thing lol

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"Can we add a new category I'm probably the only one to run on that popular speedgame ?" No.

If other people are interested, nothing prevents you from making an unofficial leaderboard somewhere else, though.


correct me if im wrong but for pokemon categories you have to first add them to some website ( i believe? and make a post with an unofficial leaderboard (aka kept by yourself) once it gets enough traction there you can suggest to add them here

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Pikachu% already exists and is considered a "meme" category.
Chances It will get a leaderboard is small. If we let these categories on here, we can add weedle%, Magikarp%, Squirtle% and all other pokemon... You understand hopefully what I mean...

Like cyndakill said: Creating your own website with these meme category leaderboards could be fun to do and no one is stopping you from doing that 😉


why not adding a Pokemon Category Extensions on ?


@steppehaan thanks for letting me about the nomenclature, it's a lot easier to find other peoples' runs now.

However, I totally disagree with the slippery slope argument you've proposed, simply because obviously it'd be impossible to do a 100% meme category run with any pokemon other than your starter. Additionally, playing through with pikachu and triggering certain cutscenes can be considered canon to the game.


So basically you want it has to be Pikachu because "it's the one with more meme potential"? Tf


Also thanks to @Faulheit s suggestion I looked into creating an unofficial leaderboards section on Unfortunately the entire website has been locked to ReadOnly status, becoming defunct with the popularity of ...

If anyone has any other ideas for where to keep a category leaderboard other than right here on the speedrun forums, I'd greatly appreciate it.


well say for example if you were to play with magikarp or most other pokemon, you would have to glitch him into your save file or you wouldn't be able to fight brock with him.
At the very least any pokemon other than pikachu wouldn't be able to participate in the initial rival fight, which means you really wouldn't be playing the whole game glitchless with them. You're either making exceptions to your "glitchless" definition, or to your "only" definition. So it's like comparing apples and oranges to me.