Any% No Save Corruption - ENG in 32m 12s by MrMeanMoustache - 23rd place

Made Some mistakes But still really happy with the new PB

Played on Game Boy Advance ᴇᴍᴜ on

Submitted by MrMeanMoustache on

Verified by Dabomstew on

Name Duration Finished at
Forest Clear 9m 11s 518ms 9m 11s
Trainer Fly 1 1m 55s 158ms 11m 06s
Gengar Get 3m 24s 439ms 14m 31s
Trainer Fly 2 1m 29s 996ms 16m 01s
Mt. Moon Entry 5m 58s 270ms 21m 59s
Mt. Moon Exit 4m 35s 966ms 26m 35s
Cascade Badge 2m 06s 127ms 28m 41s
Hall of Fame 3m 31s 517ms 32m 12s