Yellow NSC Guide - February 3, 2017

By stringflowstringflow. Last updated

- Set options to Fast/Off/Shift.
- Give the Trainer and Rival a one character name.

- Don't grab the PC Potion. Get Pikachu and name it a one character name. Battle your rival.

- Spam Thundershock
- Winning or losing doesn't matter. Things will be easier if you win, but it's not required.
- Leave the lab and head north to Route 1.

- Go up to Viridian City and heal in the center to set your warp point.
- Enter the mart and get the Parcel.
- Return to Pallet Town and deliver the Parcel, then return to Viridian City.

- Enter the mart and buy 4 Pokeballs.
- Exit the mart and head to Viridian Forest.

- Run away from any Encounter you see.
- Pickup the Potion Item Ball on your way.
- Manip a Deathfly on the 3rd Bug Catcher.
- Video for the Deathfly Manip:
- Spam Tailwhip or Thundershock, if you won or lost the Rival Fight respectively.

- Head back up Route 2 and walk through the grass, catch any encounter if you happen to get one.
- Enter the forest again.

- If you didn't catch a dummy pokemon yet, catch any encounter you see here, but try to avoid catching Metapods.
- All trainers are deactivated, proceed through the forest.

- Enter the center and talk to the Jigglypuff from the right.
- Walk down 1, Right 6.
- Walk up 1.
- Walk down and up 16 to 17 times, where each iteration is walking 2 steps down and 2 steps up.
- Walk back to Pikachu and talk to him.
- If you done this correctly, your in game timer should be set to 255:59.
- Deposit Pikachu and leave the center.
- Head to the Mart.
- Buy an Escape rope.
- Walk to the gym.

- Walk into the line of sight of the one trainer in the Gym so that he walks to you (this is important). If he does not walk to you, the game will freeze and you will have to reset.
- Simply die to the trainer as fast as possible.

- Do THE Manip:

- Walk to Viridian Forest but make sure you jump down a ledge on your way (this is also important).
- If you done the manip correctly, a mart should pop up.

- Select the Buy option and do the following: (Don't mash B, keizaron)
> Press A on the 3rd item (Bicycle) so that you will asked to choose an amount, but press B to backout.
> Buy 1 of the tmtrainer item in the 2nd slot.
> Exit the mart shop entirely.
- Escape rope out.

- Enter the Mart and do the following:
> Walk 1 left and attempt to save, but press B at the Yes/No dialog.
> Toss 116 from the glitched item in your 3rd slot (you currently have 186).
> Walk 2 up and flash your item bag.
> Talk to the seller.
> Attempt to sell the glitched item.
> Open the buy menu and attempt to buy the SS Ticket, but back out.
> Buy the glitched item in the 2nd slot.
> Close mart entirely.
> Walk 2 down, and attempt to save again.
> Toss 1 from the glitched item in slot 3 of your inventory.
> Toss the first 2 items in your inventory (Pokeball and Potion).
> Attempt to save again and walk 1 right.

> Toss 253 of the glitched item in the FIRST slot.
> Swap slot 1 with slot 2 twice. Each time, the two stacks will merge.
> Scroll down past a load of []x[] items until you hit some "real" items.
> Find a stack of []x[] x[]9 and select it to swap.
> Swap it with Ultraball x0 4 slots below.
> Toss 11 from the []x[] x[]9 stack (Note: Using the item will crash the game!).
> Select it again and swap it with Masterball x1 4 slots below.
> Close the menu, and exit the Mart.
- If you done everything correctly, you should end up in the Hall of Fame!
- Timing ends when it flashes white to the credits.