Why no nickname for Pikachu
1 year ago
Arkansas, USA

In the wr video and in guides it doesn't nickname pikachu a one character name. Even though he isnt used much in the run wouldnt it still save a little time?

Minnesota, USA

No naming Pikachu is not worth it as it is only used in one fight, every route 1 encounter, the nido catch, PC deposit. Every time Pikachu is displayed vs ‘A’ costs 6 frames and even in the worst case of it being displayed a lot. Naming would take more time. A small note is that the yolo ball manip also requires the Pikachu not to be named as is, but I’m sorry a bot could find a 1 character yoloball.

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Arkansas, USA

ok, but why is bike shop text glitch and surge trash can manip not being used? and why not sell bide at pewter mart, and buy escape rope, and escape rope from bill?

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California, USA

Instant text is not possible in Yellow (at least not in the same way if possible) and your odds of getting good RNG for cans is more likely in Yellow than in Red/Blue so it isn't worth manipulating for good cans in Yellow.

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