Pokemon XD Any% Guide and Resource links (OUTDATED) Thanks Ryziken :)

By JuanJuan. Last updated

1. Route Notes (Make a copy of this onto your drive, hit the "add to my drive" button)
The current routes are made up of routes that get twistedspoon and routes and that don't. If you are just starting I would recommend running the route that gets the spoon. It is safer and not even that much slower. As of writing Exarion is first with his spoon skip route, so if you like running WR routes then you can use those, but any route can take WR. Ryziken's spoon skip route is the most recent one, and the damage spreadsheet is currently based on his route, So I would recommend that one if you want to run one of the top routes.

Spoon Skip Ryziken's Route:(Recommended advanced Route)

Spoon & Smarton Skip Exarion's Route:

Spoon Skip No Smarton skip Route:

Ryziken's Spoon Route:(Recommended Beginner Route)

2. Damage Spreadsheet -- (Make a copy of this onto your drive, hit the "add to my drive" button) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Fy_L_0OejdteG6fTTkU1OP1Ta4lesgA5hz7sGNuhk4M/edit?usp=sharing
Currently I've not made a tutorial on how to use the sheet but it works similarly to the Pokemon Colosseum damage sheet. For now you can use this tutorial, just ignore the areas that talk about shifted AI. The only difference is 0.9 means its a minus nature, 1 is neutral, and 1.1 is plus nature. I have also added sections to add your attack and speed stats. This way you'll know every damage calculation and speed range in the game. You might need to update the stat values to get calcs to update the first time.
*Exarion's tutorial on using the 'Final Sheet' tab: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxZnLuJDR5Q

3. Aldelaro's RNG Manip program --- https://github.com/aldelaro5/GC-pokemon-RNG-manipulation-assistant/releases

• Aldelaro's tutorial & info video about this program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjdrphsMvVU
• Use to manipulate the starting Espeon, and to check your Teddy's IVs and nature based on the stats it has.
• You'll need a separate timer program, such as EonTimer or FlowTimer, to time your A press when waiting at the Character Name confirmation textbox.

4. (Optional) Images that help with Teddy purification:
To help figure out nature: (%s is how much of the chardow bar is left for the current bar, not the total shadow bar)
To know how much scents to buy per nature: