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I want to make a speedrun the Pokemon ultra moon but the big problem is that I don't have a captor and in the rules it says that you can not use NTR CFW or other program to record and I don't have cameras of great quality to see the 2 screens, What can I do?

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We do not require great quality recordings. How bad is it?

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1) Basically NTRCFW for New 3DS's are banned, which allows a form of Video streaming for New 3DS systems only. If you dont have quality capture cards/material, you could always opt for the good old Webcam streaming method, or if you look up "How to record from 3DS", by Blunty, It could be a option

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Basically NTRCFW for New 3DS's are banned

Might I ask why it is banned?


Because in Gen 6 NTRCFW sped up the game. We do not know if it does for Gen 7, so it's banned until we don't know that it's fine.

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@wartabwartab yeah i didnt to put that here sorry lol