What is the difference between Any% No ACE and Any%?


Any% No ACE simply uses the Duel Escape Glitch to get all 8 medals and beat the Grand Masters to beat the game. The Duel Escape is unintended ROM execution (where we can't arbitrarily chose), so it is not considered to be a "holy grail" glitch (e.g. ACE, ARE, AMC). You can find info on this in the Guides tab,

Any% allows such holy grail glitches (specifically, ACE, which stands for Arbitrary Code Execution). I found out a way to obtain RTA viable ACE in a run, and gifvex found an RNG manipulation and payload that allows us to beat the same in 3:30-4:00 minutes (including tutorial, so actual run is like 1:30 lol). No runs have been verified yet, but gifvex, TiKevin83, and I have runs you can watch.

gif's run (first RTA run using ACE)
TiKevin's run
My run

TiKevin also made a write-up on the route: https:/​/​pastebin.​com/​rm8z7U4B

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