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I'm wondering if this way of streaming will be allowed in the foreseeable future? It's the only way I have to record runs on my New 3DS and don't have the ability to drop near $500 on a capture card. If not, it's fine, I'm still gonna practice the run until I can record a run legit.


We don't yet know whether NTR CFW artificially speeds up loads in Sun/Moon (as it does in gen 6 games). It won't be permitted until somebody does the relevant testing.

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To my knowledge so far it only speeds up loading if you have custom settings enabled. I can't be 100% sure (because I don't have a capture card), but I'm pretty sure that's how it works for gen 7 games. Because gen 7 runs/loads faster on the New 3DS due to it being optimized to use the New 3DS' L2 cache and 804 MHz (which allows NTR CFW to run, and allows games like S/M/US/UM/SSB4 to run/load better on the New 3DS) vs the Old 3DS' 268MHz (which a stock New 3DS will use the 268MHz in games which load fine on Old 3DS). So you're pretty much overclocking those games that are not optimized for the New 3DS to make them load better. Seeing as USUM are optimized for the New 3DS (I can confirm because I played through them once on an Old 3DS and once on a New 3DS with stock firmware and with a New 3DS using NTR CFW on stock settings and once again with custom settings on NTR), I can pretty much confirm that USUM ran like shit on the Old 3DS, and better on the New 3DS without CFW, which ran the same on the New 3DS with NTR CFW & Stock settings, and it seemed to run 10-14fps faster on the New 3DS with NTR CFW & Custom settings. So I think we could allow people to use NTR CFW if we can find a way to show that they're using stock settings. (Sorry if this doesn't make sense, wrote it when I was tired).