Pokémon Moon speedrun notes (27th January 2017)

By GarfieldTheLightningGarfieldTheLightning. Last updated

A number in brackets () represents a damage roll with a 1/16 chance of happening.
A move with an asterisk¤ represents the move in Torrent (50% boost to Water-type attacks at 1/3 HP or lower).

Route: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Mue5y5f2MBLNEGdWye8XMUL2jCYiIYQTQjygWPHPM6s/edit?usp=sharing

IV thresholds are for Moon specifically, and will vary slightly in Sun due to the different EVs gained in each version. The differences will be detailed here:

Reset at 21- IV negative/4- IV neutral Speed



15 Mankey: 25+ IV negative/6+ IV neutral Speed

#18 Zubat: 21+ IV positive Speed


18 Type: Null: Always slower

#22 Salandit: 22+ IV positive Speed
Add 1 to SpD IV thresholds


23 Raticate: 21+ IV positive Speed

#24 Salandit: 28+ IV positive Attack


25 Lycanroc: 22+ IV negative/5+ IV neutral

#28 Raticate: Always slower
Subtract 1 from Def IV thresholds


29 Molayne: Subtract 1 from Def IV thresholds

Trial Grubbin: Subtract 1 from Def IV thresholds


31 Elekid: Always slower

Add 1 to SpD IV thresholds


36 Spinarak: 15+ IV neutral Attack

#40 Persian: 25+ IV positive Speed


41 Hypno: Always slower/tied

#43 Magneton: Add 1 to SpD IV thresholds


49 Golbat: 22+ IV positive Speed

#50 Raticate: 29+ IV negative/11+ IV neutral Speed


54 Salandit: 30+ IV neutral/15+ IV positive Speed

#54 Raticate: 19+ IV positive Speed


55 Dugtrio: 24+ IV neutral/9+ IV positive Speed

#56 Torkoal: 17+ IV neutral/5+ IV positive Speed


58 Klefki: 25+ IV positive Speed

#59 Cloyster: 28+ IV neutral/15+ IV positive Speed

The Sun route currently does not use Primarina for the Elite Four, so this is where the relevant differences end.