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I doubt anyone would ever complete that run it is to long and nearly impossible it sounds like.

Other issues is you are talking about using save states and emulator only to do the run. Emu is very inaccurate and using save states in a speedrun should never be allowed.

Also the idea of transferring pokemon can bring in all sorts of issues.


The reason Complete the Game isn't called 100% is because of the Hall of Fame and you can't truly do 100% unless you transfer Pokemon. Transfering Pokemon obviously would make this slightly more bearable and not 5 trillion hours long, but Stadium speedruns don't really allow that

Of course, nothing is stopping you from doing this run but no this will not be added

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I'm sure people would watch you run it if you did, and I think there could be some really interesting strats for that, but I think filling hall of fame might be a better category to tackle. It'd be neat to see how people route out all the pokes, but even then you still have to at least transfer a mewtwo to complete the hall of fame. At that point then you'd have to debate whether to allow more than just mewtwo to be allowed to be transferred, or allow any transfers? And then do you start a pokemon RBY from a fresh file as well? hard to say, imo. I'd watch it though