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I don't think NG+ complete round 2 should be implemented as I feel Werster's complete the game run may be in vain if that happened. This category wouldn't take away that hard work because GLC Round 2 and round 1 would not be included.

Round 2 is definitely lacking a completion category besides GLC. Obviously it's a slight issue that someone has to own a copy with round 1 completed. But honestly, no one should be playing round 2 without having completed round 1 anyway in my opinion. But it only takes beating it once.

'IF' this were to be implemented, it could be considered to put a rule where you must do PRIME cup and POKE cup in order if the NG+ aspect is not a desirable feature. That way it stays sort of a more traditional completion like complete round 1, because obviously on a fresh cartridge OR fresh round 2, only pokeball, pika, and petit are available. Having the NG+ aspect would allow ANY order of the tournaments. I could go either way myself. Just some thoughts =)


These games have enough "beat a small part of the game" categories already, more is not the answer, especially when they would be similar to something that already exists. We've got the IL cups already.


Well the problem is there's no category that puts round 2 together other than a 20+ hour category.
That's not viable for 99.9% of people including myself but like 9 to 12 hours definitely is for a lot of people. ILs are great and all but it would be nice to be able to put them together. I would be happy to run a category extension page if that's something that could even possibly happen or considered because I can think of quite a few that would be actual competitive categories that aren't just memes. I just want to see this game to progress and be brought to it's fullest potential with speed running because it's not a meme game to me and it deserves more options and runners. That's really it.

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We have GLC R1, GLC R2, and Complete Round 1. It seems out of place to not have a Complete Round 2 category.

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