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Are we allowed to request an All Events category in the Kids Club? Easy. Medium and Hard.


No this is not getting added

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Surfing Pikachu% might be interesting, just to show how fast (or really how long) it takes to acquire the coveted Surf move for Pikachu. The requirements are beat R1, and then beat Prime Cup Master Ball of R2 with a Game Boy Pikachu on your three-Pokemon team in the last match (all 5 other Pokemon you use must be transfers, not rental or registered. Since this requires transfer Pokemon perhaps the category in general could allow them?


Complete Round 1 World Record is 6 hours 32 minutes, but since you would be using transfers I'd imagine that would be about an hour shorter. However, it seems kinda arbitrary to basically do a Complete Round 1 run then just beat Prime using a Pikachu Estimated (with good transfers) around 7-ish hours.


I've taken the time to legitimately catch and train a team of high-stat transfer Pokemon to speedrun Gym Leader Castle Round 1 on console, if I were to submit a good run would the category be added to the page? Team consists of Mewtwo, Tauros, and Zapdos with very offensive movesets. Mewtwo has Amnesia, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Blizzard; Tauros has Body Slam, Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Blizzard; Zapdos has Thunder, Thunderbolt, Drill Peck, Hyper Beam. I'll be making the run for Youtube regardless.

May add one or two more Pokemon to the team to save time in certain fights.

To my knowledge, these are the only leaderboards that currently exist for transfers, although I believe actual Transfers WR is 1:19:xx.
I think having a transfers category on would be cool, so I second this

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Finished my first w/ transfers run of Gym Leader Castle, got a 1:28. I need to level-up a Starmie (and maybe a Dugtrio) to use in a couple of fights and put in a lot more attempts but this was a good starting point.

<----I'll be streaming attempts at my channel which you can get to via the icon under my avatar.


maybe add a side categorys Emulator and N64?