Pokémon Snap Forum  /  Are we allowed to post runs without a video?

I just did a any % run but footage corrupted, but the time isn't like top 10 more like top 50-45, do I still need a recorded run or is it fine?


you can try to submit it, but i think Werster auto-rejects without video proof


I think that the rules kinda need to be updated a bit

Most other Speedrun games require a certain time for a video of proof

Like SMS you need I think if you get a 1:25:00 or less you have to have recorded to submit it


That's how I like boards to be. But it's sort of a community-by-community thing. Some are very adamantly against any time whatsoever being posted without video even if it's like 90 hours.


I would love to submit my run, but I have no way rn to record my n64, so I cant record.


you could take a video with a webcam of your tv if you really wanted to record it but i think it should depend on the time