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Compendium (trainer stats, moves, experience, money):

- Running near spinners and rotators causes them to face certain directions. If you try to run past a spinner or rotator, s/he will always catch you.
- Opening the bag or Pokemon menu freezes spinners for 32 frames, assuming you do not run near them.
- The cursors for the main menu and inventory never never reset unless you save+quit (so no point in swapping items to the top of your inventory).
- You cannot buffer inputs in Gen 3, so it is generally best to menu immediately after an event, rather than in the middle of movement.
- Zigzagoon has a 10% chance of picking up an item after each battle.
> Pre-Abra, remove items any time you notice them, for it may be a valuable Ultra Ball
> Post-Abra, remove items any time you Teleport, Fly, or swap party members
- When Mudkip/Marshtomp/Swampert's HP is at 1/3 or less, its Torrent ability will trigger, which boosts the power of Water-type moves by 50%.

Before starting:
- Have a save file with the text speed as FAST, battle scene as OFF and battle style as SET
- Set the timer to -25.10
> Set the timer to -23.10 and add 2 seconds to "YES" timing to practice

- Select "New Game" when the timer hits 0.00
- Choose the boy
- Give yourself any 1-character name

- Withdraw the Potion from the PC, then set the clock to the default time
- After the TV cutscene, walk right to May's house. Walk upstairs, then talk to May, then walk out
- Walk up to Route 101

- Choose Mudkip after looking in the bag. Select "YES" when the timer hits 2:39:9x
- Check Mudkip's nature and stats. Reset unless you see one of these Mudkips:
> 10602 | Lonely 30/29/18/18/14/24 ..... Lv. 5 stats: 21/14/9/10/10/10
> 10603 | Lonely 24/18/14/30/30/20 ..... Lv. 5 stats: 21/13/9/11/11/10
> Reset immediately if you see 20 HP or a female Mudkip unless you want to verify how early/late your timing was
- Poochyena: Tackle spam

- Give Mudkip a 1-character name
- Head north to Route 103

- Rival 1: Tackle spam (use Potion if a non-crit Pound will kill)
- Walk back to Littleroot Town

- After exiting the lab, go right around the lab, then left and up to your mom
- Run inside and talk to your mom to heal
- Run up to Oldale Town

- Catch a Zigzagoon if you see one (Tackle once)
- If you caught a Zig and it damaged you, talk to the lady on the right when you enter Oldale Town to get another Potion
- Run left to Route 102

- Talk to the first trainer you see
- Youngster Calvin: Tackle spam, healing as necessary
- Run through the grass to dodge the remaining trainers
> If Mart Potion was skipped and Calvin did significant damage, grab the Oran Berries above the next Youngster
- If you can survive a Tackle from Zigzagoon (generally same damage as its level), catch it if you see one (Tackle once)

- Run to the mart
- Shopping: Buy 1 Potion, 3 Repels, 1 X Speed and 3 X Attacks
- Run to the gym, and mash through/watch the long cutscene
- When the cutscene ends, run west to Route 104

- Run through the first patch of grass
- If you see a Zigzagoon or a Taillow/Wingull, catch it (Tackle once)
- Get the 2 Oran Berries
- Run to one tile below the path, and stop one tile before the grass. Use a Repel, use a Potion if you have <20 HP, and equip an Oran Berry
- Run through the grass, and behind the trainer, to enter Petalburg Woods

- Run left, and stop running at the tile to the bottom-right of the Bug Catcher, then walk past him.
- Aqua Grunt: Tackle spam, healing as necessary. You can switch out to a slave to erase Sand-Attack drops, but this is rarely necessary
- Heal to 22+ HP after the fight, run left again, then pass the first Bug Catcher the same way as the first one

- Get the 2 Oran Berries on the left
- Run to the tile below the water. Wait for the rotator to look away, then walk past her and up the bridge
- Run straight to the Rustboro Gym

- Heal to 22+ HP upon entering if not done yet
- Talk to both minions
- Youngster 1: Mud-Slap x6, (learn Water Gun), Water Gun x2, healing as necessary
> Geodude typically does 7 damage
- Youngster 2: Water Gun
- Heal to full and equip an Oran Berry
> Favour using Orans first to save Potion
> If no slave, saving Potion is a priority
- Roxanne: Water Gun spam
> Roxanne will use a Potion (up to 2) whenever her Pokemon is at <40% HP
> Nosepass does ~15-20 damage with Rock Tomb and Rock Throw
> If Nosepass has lowered your Speed and is faster on the turn that you can kill it, sacrifice a slave to undo the Speed drop

- Run left to activate the cutscene, then up and right to Route 116

- NOTE: You need 360 experience between now and Rival 2. Keep track of it as you go
- Take the bottom path, picking up the item ball (Repel) as you go
- Stop one tile before the grass, and use a Repel. Also remove the Oran Berry if it didn't activate against Roxanne
- You can manipulate the Bug Catcher with running, but waiting for him is safe and loses minimal time
- You do need to manipulate Janice (the Schoolgirl spinner) after the Bug Catcher. Run to the tile immediately to the left of her, then walk up and right past her. If she catches you, spam Tackle (123 experience)
- Talk to the Hiker (Water Gun x3)
- Run into the cave

- Aqua Grunt: WG x1-2 (OHKO in Torrent)
- Run back to Route 116, and back to Rustboro

- Use a Repel after the first one wears off
- Manipulate Janice again (run to tile to the right, then walk up and left past her)
- Manipulate or wait for the Bug Catcher
- Talk to the Devon guy to activate the cutscene

- After leaving the building, run to Mr. Briney's house south of Petalburg Woods

- After exiting the forest, run through the grass behind the trainer
- If you see a Zigzagoon, catch one (Mud-Slap to weaken)
- If you see a flier, YOLO ball it unless:
> It's a Wingull and you're not in Torrent (Water Gun)
> Taillow has lowered your Attack with Growl (Tackle)
- Talk to Mr. Briney to sail to Dewford, then run to the cave

- Pick up the Escape Rope item ball on the ground floor
- Kill everything you see (Water Gun) except Sableye and Abra until you have your 360 experience (this is Marshtomp + 27 exp.)
- When you evolve, teach Mud Shot over Growl
- If a Rock Smash slave is still needed, catch a level 8 Makuhita (or Geodude/Aron)
- Use an Oran berry on Makuhita/Geodude/Aron and swap to front and use a Repel if Abra is needed still; grind on first floor, moving in place
- If you see an Abra, throw your best ball to catch it (can be an Ultra Ball if Zig picked one up)
- If you run out of Great Balls and don't have Abra, check Zigzagoon for an Ultra Ball if you have one
- Repel after catching Abra and getting 360 experience
- After the cutscene, Escape Rope if you have Abra and 360 experience. If not, grind on the ground floor until you have both
- After exiting, run to Mr. Briney's house and sail to Slateport

- Pick up three items:
> Revive (run left upon entering; it's hidden in the corner)
> Ether (run right, then up 2 tiles from the Revive; it's hidden in the corner)
> Soft Sand (talk to the girl on the right, next to the Ether)
- Run up to Slateport, dodging the trainers

- Run up to the shipyard and talk to Dock
- Run up to the museum, and walk upstairs
- Aqua Grunt 1: Mud Shot
- Aqua Grunt 2: Tackle x2, Mud Shot (substitute Water Gun for Tackle if in Torrent)
- Go the mart
- Sell TM47 and TM39
- Buy 6 Super Potions and 4 Repels (3 Repels if you used none in Granite Cave, 1 extra Repel if early flyer)
- Run up to Route 110

ROUTE 110 (to Rival 2)
- Dodge the Pokefan by running all the way to the left
- Repel, equip Soft Sand one step before the grass, heal to 13+ HP
- Dodge Timmy (the Youngster spinner) with running manipulation or fight him on purpose for valuable experience (and so you don't hit him on the second pass, when the experience is much less valuable). If you fight him, Mud Shot x3
- Pick up the hidden Full Heal (2U and 4R of Timmy)
- Rival 2: (Heal as necessary), X Attack x2, X Speed, Mud-Slap(+Heal if >40 HP)+Mud Shot, Mud Shot+Mud Shot, Water Gun
> Wailmer will sometimes use Rollout if it will kill (~2 HP). Use a second Mud-Slap if necessary.
> Grovyle usually does over half with Absorb and about 9 with Quick Attack.
> Grovyle will usually use Quick Attack (~9 HP) if it is guaranteed to kill, so you must Super Potion if this is the case
> If you miss the first Mud Shot on Grovyle, you can sometimes manipulate Quick Attack by healing to an HP at which Absorb hits Marshtomp into QA range. This gives you another chance to hit the first Mud Shot at the expense of a Super Potion

ROUTE 110 (after Rival 2)
- Manipulate Edwin (the Pokemaniac spinner) by running one tile below him and two tiles to his right, then walking past him. If he catches you, use Tackle and heal if necessary (Absorb does about 20)
- Carefully walk past the rotator

- Run to the southeast house, and talk to the guy to get the Rock Smash HM
- Run to the northeast house, and talk to the guy to get the Mach Bike
- Once outside, open the menu, register the bike, and use it from the menu
- Bike to the center and use it
- Bike to the gym
- Wally: Mud Shot
- Enter the gym

- Walk to the Battle Girl on the right (Mud Shot+Mud Shot; can sometimes finish with Tackle/WG)
- Hit the switch to the right of the Battle Girl
- Talk to the guitarist above the Battle Girl (Mud Shot x3)
- Hit the switch in the top-left corner
- Heal to 41+ HP
- Wattson: Mud Shot x3, healing HP necessary (don't heal confusion)
- Bike west to Verdanturf Town

- Biking path (starting from gym): 2D, left until you clear the trees, 1D, left until you reach the fences, 1U into the flowers, then bike around the breeder to Verdanturf
- Enter Rusturf Tunnel

- Upon entering, Repel, heal to ~24 HP if needed, and teach Rock Smash to Zigzagoon
- Bike straight up, and pick up the Max Ether in the top-right corner
- Talk to the guy to get the Strength HM
> If you got a valuable money item (like a Nugget or a Protein) from Zig, exit the way you entered
> If not, bike toward the Verdanturf exit, then go left and down to the other exit. Bike up the steps, and pick up the HP Up
- Teleport to Mauville

- Bike north to Route 111

ROUTE 111-113
- After clearing the boulders, you'll see some trees on the right and an NPC on the left. You must be at full Mach Bike speed when passing them (otherwise the spinner above them might catch you)
- Before the grass patch, bonk into the trees, use a Repel and teach Strength to Marshtomp over Tackle
- You must pass Trent, the Hiker spinner before Fiery Path, three times. It's fastest to YOLO the first pass, then wait for him to turn for the second pass. If he hits you, the experience is valuable (Water Gun x4)
- The Cooltrainer after Fiery Path can be manipulated by biking 8 tiles below him, then biking up and past him. You must be at full Mach Bike speed for this to work
- Talk to the guy next to the large bush from the left for the Secret Power TM
- Talk to the trainer before Route 113
- Cooltrainer Brooke: X Attack, Strength x2, Water Gun
> If Wingull confuses you, use your Full Heal
> If Wingull uses Growl, make sure you have 55+ HP for Roselia (switch out if necessary), and Mud Shot it
- Repel before the Route 113 grass

- Go to the crater in the southwest corner, and pick up the Nugget in the middle of it
- Go to the mart
- Sell the HP Up, Nugget, and Secret Power TM
> Don't sell Secret Power TM if Escape Rope needed, instead sell during Herb shop trip
- Buy 1 Escape Rope, 7 Super Repels, 8 X Specials, 8-9 X Speeds, 9-11 X Attacks, 1 X Defend and 1-2 Guard Spec.
> Don't buy the Escape Rope if you have the one from Granite Cave
> Buy minimum number for now, extras are for route testing
- Upon exiting, bike west to Route 114
> If early flyer was caught, repel some time after the Marill sprite, but before you're too deep into Route 114

- If you need a flyer, don't leave the route until you catch Swablu (WG once to weaken)
- Bike down the bridge, then immediately turn right (behind the house), and go down to get 4 Persim Berries
> If running the 603, grab the hidden Carbos on the boulder in the grass
- Bike left and follow the path to Meteor Falls
> Super Repel + heal to full (and use Carbos) one tile before the second trainer (Hiker Lucas) so that he can't spin left and catch you
> You'll hit the third trainer (a Hiker) if you're not careful. Bike one tile above him immediately
- Upon entering the falls, bike left and mash through the cutscene, then exit
- Teleport to Mauville

- Bike up like you did the first time, passing Trent from below (bag manipulate him), then go right instead of left
- Open the Pokemon menu one tile before the other spinner (Hiker Brice) to manipulate him
- Take the cable car up to Mt. Chimney

- Bike up the mountain, then go left -- past the group of Magmas/Aquas -- and talk to the first grunt you see
- Aqua Grunt: Strength x2
- Matt: Mud Shot, Strength, Mud Shot
- Switch your slot 2 slave to the front, and heal Marshtomp to full if you took damage from missed Mud Shots/ranges
> If slot 2 slave is Makuhita, switch Abra to the front instead
- Archie: Guard Spec. on slave, (slave dies, switch to Marshtomp), X Attack+Strength+X Speed+Mud Shot/Strength, Strength+X Attack+Strength, Mud Shot
> Heal as necessary; Mightyena does about 18, and Golbat does about 25
> Strength the Mightyena a second time if the first range was above 50% damage, otherwise Mud Shot
- After Maxie finishes talking to you, if you have enough healing items:
> Heal to full
> Use the Ether on Mud Shot (use Max Ether if completely out of Mud Shot)
> Switch Marshtomp to the front if not in slot 2
- If you cannot heal to full, do Herb Shop before Flannery, then immediately heal, Ether and swap if necessary
- Bike down the mountain, then take the south exit

- Bike down the first five ledges, then bike right and down the stairs. Turn left before the grass, then go down one tile to the right of the female trainer
- Bike left to the Lavaridge Gym

- Follow this path:
- Flannery: Mud Shot, X Attack, Mud Shot, Mud Shot x2
> Take a death to Torkoal if necessary, then Revive, switch in when your slave dies, and use another X Attack+Mud Shot
- After exiting and mashing through the cutscene, bike to the Herb Shop (closest building to the gym)

- Buy ~6 Energy Roots and ~4 Heal Powders (depends on Fallarbor shop and spinners)
> Sell Secret Power and Overheat TMs if Secret Power wasn't sold earlier
> Favour buying extra Heal Powders or Energy Roots if healing items are low and you can still afford Hidden Power ($3000)
- Movement instructions (desert Rare Candy):
> Bike right out of Lavaridge, jump the ledges then bike up and bonk the sign next to the rotator
> Bike right past rotator until one tile before grass
> Heal on very low HP, use Super Repel
> Bike right to the desert, avoiding the rotator in the desert and grab the hidden Rare Candy on the rock all the way to the right and down
> Swap Marshtomp to the front if not done so already, then Teleport to Mauville
- Bike south to Slateport
- Movement instructions (Slateport):
> After entering Route 110, align yourself with the middle berry bushel, bike down until you bonk into rotator
> Immediately bike right and bonk twice, then bike down 1 tile and right past the spinner until you reach the sign
> Upon reaching the sign, bike down and past Timmy
> If a wild encounter is found after the repel wears off, fight it if it will give you level 27
> Bike west and south to Slateport, dodging the Pokefan like you did the first time
> Go to the left of Slateport and talk to the vendor to buy TM10 (Hidden Power)
> After biking through Slateport and onto the beach, move one tile to the left
> When the Sailor at the bottom appears on screen, bike behind him and talk to Mr. Briney
> Sail to Dewford Town

- Bike to the gym
> If level 27, use Rare Candy and teach TM10 (Hidden Power) over Water Gun
- Map:
- Fight the Battle Girl on the right (Strength)
- Brawly: Mud Shot (Water Gun+Water Gun with 603 if level 27), Mud Shot
- Bike back to Mr. Briney, and sail to Petalburg

- Bike through the beach, not the grass, to the Petalburg Gym
> If not already taught, teach TM10 (Hidden Power) over Water Gun

- Enter the right door (accuracy room)
- Delcatty: Mud Shot+Hidden Power
- Enter the right door (recovery room)
- Linoone: Mud Shot+Hidden Power
- Take the left door (critical room)
- Zangoose: Mud Shot+Hidden Power
- Norman: (Heal as necessary), X Defend, Mud-Slap, X Speed, X Attack x3, Strength+Hidden Power, Hidden Power (Mud Slap first if not level 30), Hidden Power x2
> Consider using Mud Shot instead of Strength on the first Slaking if 603 (needs testing)
> Heal on Vigoroth instead of Slaking if possible, but make sure you have 50+ HP before the second Slaking
- After the fight, walk out of the gym

- Bike to the northwest house, and talk to the guy to get the Surf HM
- Teach Surf to Marshtomp over Mud-Slap
- Bike south to the lake, then Surf down to the bottom-right corner to get the hidden Rare Candy
> Can skip if Zig picked up a Rare Candy, but extras for Kyogre don't hurt!
- Teleport to Mauville

- Bike east to the Route 118 water, avoiding the rotator
- When you enter the water, use a Super Repel
- Surf right, then as far down as possible, before landing on the other side of the route
- Bike up to activate the Steven cutscene
- Bike right until you see a path up. Open the bag 1-3 steps before the Bird Keeper, then bike past him

- Bike north to the Weather Institute, dodging every trainer along the way

- You take 5 damage if you Strength a Carvanha. There are three Carvanhas here. Use Strength as necessary to get below <50% HP, as this will cause Shelly's Mightyena to use Swagger less often
- 1F: Fight the female grunt (Hidden Power)
- 2F: Walk straight ahead so the first male grunt sees you (Strength, Hidden Power). Then walk around him and open the bag one tile before the spinning male grunt, allowing you to pass him
- Shelly: Hidden Power, Surf x2
- After getting the free Castform, walk out, taking the bed on 1F on your way

- Bike right and then up to meet your rival
- Rival 3: X Attack x2, X Speed, Strength x2, Mud Shot
> Heal if Numel drops health below half before setup is complete
- Bike north to Fortree, hugging the trees on the right to avoid the trainers

- Walk into the Pokemon Center, but don't use it
- Walk up the stairs to the north treehouses, then east to Route 120

- Bike to the top tile to avoid the rotator, then Super Repel before the tall grass (one tile to the right of the big bush)
- Walk through the grass, the bike to the bridge to activate the cutscene
- Run from the Kecleon
- Open the Pokemon to manipulate the Bird Keeper spinner below the bridge, remove Castform's Mystic Water
- Carefully dodge the trainers below the spinner (right before the tall grass)
- Take the right path through the tall grass, then bike across the bridge
- Bike three tiles left after the bridge, then down and past the Bug Maniac
- Bike east until you reach the Route 121 grass

- Repel before the grass/when needed, depending on wear off location
- Open the bag 1-2 tiles before the spinner (Jessica) so that you can pass her
> If repel is still somehow active, wear it off before bag manip, then use a Super Repel
- Bike east to Lilycove, avoiding the trainer along the way
- Bike back from Lilycove the way you came, but go south when you see the water, and Surf to Mt. Pyre

- When the first Super Repel wears off, use another and equip the Mystic Water
> Use a Rare Candy if none have been used yet and no spinners have been hit, otherwise use your best judgement
- Go left upon entering Mt. Pyre, and bike up to the summit
- Aqua Grunt: Strength, Surf, Strength
- Aqua Grunt: Strength, Hidden Power
- Aqua Grunt: Hidden Power, Hidden Power
- Talk to Archie, then bike to the right and through the grass to pick up the hidden Rare Candy
- Teleport to Fortree
> If 34 was hit before Teleport menu, use 2 Rare Candies to reach Lv. 36 and evolve, teach Fly to your flyer, heal if >20 HP
- Go to the gym

- Puzzle:
- Fight the first two trainers you see, then dodge the other two
> Immediately after level 34 is hit, use 2 Rare Candies to reach Lv. 36 and evolve, teach Fly to your flyer, heal if >20 HP
- Bird Keeper: Surf
- Picknicker: Surf x2
- Winona: X Spec if not in Torrent, Surf, X Attack, Strength x2, (Strength+)Surf, (heal to full if needed), Strength x2
> Weaken Skarmory with Strength if not in Torrent to avoid heal range
> Altaria does about 22 damage
- After exiting, Fly to Slateport

- Go to the Harbor, mash through the cutscene, then Fly to Lilycove

- Bike up, right and down-right to the shore, then bike up to the Team Aqua hideout

- Map:
- Get the Master Ball first (take path from warp #3)
- Matt: Hidden Power, Hidden Power, Surf
- Get the Max Elixer before exiting (step on warp #1 in map)

- After exiting the hideout, use a Super Repel and heal to 75+ HP
- Surf east to Mossdeep City, avoiding the trainers

- Buy 6 Max Repels, 4 Revives and as many Hyper Potions as you can afford
- Bike to the house in northwest corner and get the Dive HM
> Teach Dive to Swampert over Mud Shot
- Bike to the gym

- Puzzle:
- Psychic: Surf x2
- Tate & Liza:
> Turn 1: X Speed
> Turn 2: Dive Solrock
> Turn 3: Iono
> Turn 4+: Surf
> Use an X Special if Calm Mind/Light Screen was used
> AI details: Always use attacking move when will kill, usually use attacking move when it can kill, rarely use attacking move when it can't kill
> Solarbeam always OHKOs the 602 Mudkip, sometimes OHKOs the 603 Mudkip

- Bike south to the water, and do the following:
> Equip a Persim Berry
> Use a Max Repel
> Use your (Max) Ether on Surf (whichever Ether you didn't use earlier)
- Surf south to Seafloor Cavern (straight down, then right a bit), then Dive down, enter the cave, and Dive up to enter the cavern

- Map:
- Manipulate the spinner (first pass) by running to the tile to the bottom-right of him. From there, walk up two tiles, open the bag, then walk past him (second pass)
- In the room after the spinner, take the top-left exit, not top-right (this is faster than what the map advises)
- In next room, hold right for three transitions then left for one
- Shelly: Hidden Power, Surf+Surf
- There are two potential strats on Archie depending on number of slaves currently alive. Refer to the first strat for now, the second and third are being tested currently
- Before Archie, heal to full and equip a Persim if you don't have one equipped
> Swap a slave to slot 1 if only 1 slave is alive (test strat, skip)
- Archie: Surf x3, Surf x3-4, Hidden Power, healing HP as necessary
> With 1 slave: Guard Spec. on slave, (slave dies, switch to Marshtomp), X Speed, X Attack, X Attack, Hidden Power, Strength x2-3, Hidden Power
> With 0 slave: X Speed, Surf x3, Surf x3-4, Hidden Power

- Surf north, then west, then southwest to Sootopolis (use Dive, enter cave, then use Dive again)

- Surf to the northwest shore, then bike up the stairs and right to meet Wallace and enter the Cave of Origin

- Map:
- "A" is the Waterfall HM; don't forget it!
- Catch Kyogre with the Master Ball, nickname it!
- After catching Kyogre, open the menu and do the following:
> Teach Waterfall to Swampert
> Teach Surf to Kyogre over Body Slam
> Teach Shock Wave to Kyogre over Calm Mind
> Give Kyogre a Persim Berry
> Use any random extra Rare Candies on Kyogre
> Use the Escape Rope
- When you reappear in Sootopolis:
> Switch Kyogre to slot 1
> Fly to Sootopolis
> Go to the gym in the center island

- Puzzle:
- Wallace: Shock Wave, Surf, X Special, Shock Wave, Hydro Pump, Shock Wave x2
- After exiting the gym:
> Use a Max Repel
> Heal Kyogre if necessary
> Equip Mystic Water
> Fly to Mossdeep

- Surf south toward Seafloor Cavern, then east to Ever Grande City and Victory Road

- Use Waterfall, then bike straight into Victory Road

- Map:
- Hope: IB
- Shannon: Surf
- Julie: Surf x2
- Edgar: IB
- Wally: IB, Surf, IB, Surf x2 (Hydro Pump Gardevoir if bad Sp. Atk)

- Buy as many Full Restores as you can afford
- Sidney: Surf, IB, Hydro Pump, Surf, IB
> Use an X Speed on Sharpedo if <97 Speed
- Use Max Elixer
- Phoebe: Surf x4, Hydro Pump
> If bad Sp. Atk: Hydro Pump, Surf x5
- Glacia: (X Special if <101 Speed), Surf, X Special until +2, Shock Wave x2, Surf, Shock Wave+Shock Wave
> If <155 Sp. Atk, use Hydro Pump on the first Glalie
> If 165+ Sp. Atk and you have 4 X Specials left, use a third X Special so you can OHKO Walrein
- Drake: IB, X Speed, IB x4
- Heal to ~80 HP
- Champion: X Special, Surf x6
> If you have <95 Speed, use an X Speed on Skarmory
> If <145 Sp. Atk, use Hydro Pump on Cradily and Metagross (or set up 2 X Specials)

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