New Pokemon RS category: PokeBingo
2 years ago

i don't know if anyone suggested this already, but this is my Pokemon RS bingo speedrun

setup: you must get your starter and pokedex. once you leave the lab, the timer starts


  1. must get a bingo to end the run, E4 and Steven isn't required to beat the challenge, but is optional
  2. bingos must be obtained 5 in a row left to right, up or down, or diagonally, and free space could also be used to get a bingo
  3. you must complete everything on that square unless otherwise mentioned
  4. species and OHKO clauses are enabled. Check smogon for what they mean
  5. time ends when you either get a bingo or when all your pokemon faint
  6. must use's rs board, found here:

hope you find it good to include in the speedrunning community, and feel free to comment any suggestions

Ohio, USA

Bingos are not very good for leaderboards due to the varied nature each attempt has. The only way to guarantee comparable times is to force players to literally use the same card, because even though cards can be weighted similar, there is always a difference in how the game will be played, and thusly, the result. Feel free to play and race with these rulesets as much as you like though. Bingos are fun.

-Also, really arbitrary ruleset ya got going on. Why bother with a OHKO or Species clause? For goals, the idea is to typically just get different species anyways, but the OHKO clause is literally useless, as pretty much no pokemon that you'd get over the course of the run (unless you end up in the level 50s and up) would come close to learning one. -Timing method is also arbitrary. Every other category starts on 'New Game'. Because Sapphire has an easily replicable starter manipulation method, I personally don't see a reason to enable 'Safety Starter Saves'.

Colorado, USA

This seems like the kind of thing only this dude has interest in. You do not need a leaderboard to speedrun the game how you want. If this is the ruleset you like and/or are comfortable with, then keep playing it and improve your time. Have fun with it, but don't expect a leaderboard to be crafted around your preferences.