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Another question, I can't do the Nidoran manip. Can the A presses be at any time or do they have to be at a specific tile?


Also, for my emulator, it doesn't show the gameboy logo at the beginning of a reset.


TID is in the Pokemon's stats screen, but you need an external tool to check DVs.

For yoloball, you buffer a + down when sending your pokemon out, then when you hear the bag open sound, you change the direction you're holding. I'd highly recommend watching a run with an input viewer or the manip video referenced in the guide to get a better idea of what I mean.

You should watch this video to learn about manips and their execution in general:

Lastly, you need a functional GBC bios (which I don't believe we're allowed to provide you)

For any other questions, it would be much faster and more convenient for you to ask in the discord linked on the side. Many more people check it and you can easily search to see if others have had similar questions. Best of luck, this game is very fun to get into! 🙂