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Hi so I'm new to the speedrun community and I don't have a capture card or something like that, I was wondering what I could do to record a run without having to buy stuff. So I thought, since I wanna run 100%, what if I were to do an entire run, submit the in game time, AND submit a video showing proof that I have all Pokemon captured, Catching arena done, and quests done. Just wondering if that's acceptable because I don't really have an external camera aside from my laptop that can handle a 7+ hour long video recording.


I used to use my laptop camera at the beginning. So, I don't see where is the problem. Yes, it is a long run... One thing that you can do is not recording the first runs, as they are going to be extremely long because you aren't familiar with the route but after the 3rd or 4th run you can start recording them. This means that you won't be able to submit your first runs, but hey, speedrunning isn't appearing on a leaderboard. Speedrunning is the journey of success, failure, practice and nerves management. And it is beautiful. One thing to add is that once you see that you like speedrunning, a good thing would be to save money for a 20-30 bucks webcam, they are cheap and of enough quality to upgrade the recording setup. Godd luck on your journey and most importantly, HAVE FUN.

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