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This romhack allows the player to practice any bonus stage from the field-selection screen.

When selecting either Red or Blue field, hold one of the following directions on the D-Pad to load into that bonus stage:
• Up: Seal bonus
• Down: Dugtrio bonus
• Left: Meowth bonus
• Right: Gengar bonus
• Neutral: Mewtwo bonus

Base ROM to be patched: Pokemon Pinball (USA) (SGB Enhanced).gbc
md5: fbe20570c2e52c937a9395024069ba3c
sha1: 9402014d14969432142abfde728c6f1a10ee4dac
sha256: 7672001d4710272009df6a41e3cbada65decd56e0eb2f185cb3d59c08d33ea0e

This hack is made available as an IPS patch. You can patch the baserom at https://www.romhacking.net/patch/

Download patch: https://github.com/sg4e/pokemon-pinball-practice-hack/raw/master/Pokemon_Pinball_bonus_stage_practice_hack.ips

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