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So how do the mods handle submissions that are recorded on a phone. And also would you handle it differently if it's a 100th place run or a top 5 run. I'm asking because some mod friends on switch games have problems handling kids recording their switch with their phones. Thanks in advance


Hi Detroph,
I did a run of this game recorded without a capture card, streamed live on Twitch. About this game, wartab told me that they don't require great quality, but they would appreciate it if the whole screen(s) was/were visible. Any parts of the game that require motion controls are given a little bit of lenience. If the Switch recordings are of the player's TV screen, I see no problem with allowing those runs. The only difference between top 5 runs and 100th place runs is that top 5 runs are looked at a little more carefully, but as long as players are not cheating and have recorded the entire run they should have nothing to worry about.

I hope this helps you!


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