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Since you can use two controllers to play, it'd make sense to have a category for one person using two controllers, since it lets you have two pokemon out at once. P2 entering the game has a cutscene that's about a second long. This happens every time you enter a new room with P2 active. Does P2 need to be always active for it to count as a 1p2c run? If not, then runners could tag p2 in whenever they're in a longer battle to speed it up and then tag them out for the rest of the run. I personally feel like it'd be better to allow tag-in, since it'd add an element of deciding when to tag p2 in and when not.


This will almost certainly be added in the future yeah


I would also think its nearly guaranteed to be a thing, especially with the experience boost that having a second player grants if you can be consistent with synchronized throwing.

The caveat with second player would be when are they allowed, as while they are fine in large field maps and gyms, they are not so useful when you need to transition between several screens in rapid succession. I would permit swap in only for that reason, as knowing when to tag in P2 and when to leave them out becomes part of the challenge.

Would probably label the category as any% (support trainer allowed) because 2p2c probably would fall in the same amount of difficulty.


Anything that is possible is allowed with multiple controllers. The categories have been created already.