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As of August 24, mGBA 0.9.2 is the approved emulator. Version 0.9.1 will be accepted until Saturday, September 25, 2021 at 00:00 UTC.

Additionally, mGBA soon will be implementing an automatic updater. This will simplify the program update process. Therefore, we will change the rules on Sept 25 so that the latest version of mGBA is the legal version, with a 30 day grace period from when it is officially released.

In addition, the rules have been cleaned up overall, so please be sure you are familiar with them.

(Updated August 24, 2021)



I wanted to note that on the website, you can no longer download the 0.9.1 version and the only downloadable version is 0.9.2


There is a further link in the downloads page that links to older releases: https://mgba.io/old.html

We will be looking at switching to 0.9.2 in the coming weeks, and will post when we go forward with that decision.