Complete Gen 3 Trainer Data

Every trainer in Emerald (bar rematches), Fire Red, and Leaf Green. No Damage Calcs. Listed in order of All Trainers Route. Need to finish Blastoise and Venusaur Champ 2. (external link)

By roushmoreroushmore

Gen 3 Starter Predictor

Starter predictor created by MKDasher. Enter desired stat filters and Current Seed/Trainer ID to get your filtered list of frames. Selected frame will show IVs, Stats, and Nature. 1.2c new features * Now supports toggle between Level 5 and Level 6 for ease of identification. * Clearing Trainer ID will now auto focus Trainer ID text box * Pressing enter will run the Search button. (direct download)

By MKDasher and JP_Xinnam

Mudkip/Squirtle IV Predictor

Input trainer ID, nature, and level 5 stats after getting Mudkip/Squirtle to see what frame you hit and get exact IVs. (direct download)

By Speedfaces and JP_Xinnam

Pokedex Counter Online

Online Pokedex counter made by BobChao87. Allows tracking of captured pokemon, planned captures, and duplicate captures. Default is Gen 1 Complete, but is customizable for generations all the way up to Gen 7. (external link)

By BobChao87

Squirtle IV Predictor

After inputting your trainer id along with stats, allows you to find your exact IVs, making runs precise (direct download)

By speedfaces


LG Any% Movement and Menus

mGBA Savestates for LeafGreen Practice made by Kurddt (direct download)

By kurddtkurddt