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Please hear me out:
This happened a long time ago, i cant remember all of it.

Im not from this Community, i dont even Speedrun at all.

Also, i dont know if this is already a thing..
I just thought i should share the following with you:

When i was a Child i borrowed the (European-German) Pokemon Emerald Cardridge from a Friend of mine.

Obviously he already had an Savegame which was last saved right infront of the Elite 4.

Sooo, i started a new save and casually played up to the first Badge without saving.

After i defeated the Gym Leader i headed to Route 116 and started saving on about this Patch of Grass: https://prnt.sc/jwp3u8

Then, mid-saving, i realized again that this wasnt my Cardridge and quickly turned of my GBA. (The "Saved" Massage was already on screen i think)

I know there is a Message that tells you that there is already an Savefile.. but jeh.. i kinda skipped over it back then 😕

But now back to the stuff:
On the next day my Friend wanted his Game back, so i gave it back and told him i accidentally deleted his savefile.

Obviously he got angry and started the game up to see how far i had played.

He loaded up the save but he wasnt at Route 116 anymore.
He was at Elite 4 again.

At first i thought it just diddnt save.
But when he looked at his pokemon and Character/Money etc. we saw that it was all from the new Savefile.

He had a goddamn Treecko at Lvl 15 and a Nincada to fight Elite 4 .....

I really dont know how this could have happened and if this is even usefull to you.

Still i wanted to share it just to be sure.
If you have Questions: Ask them.
I'll try to answer anything i can remember.

Have a nice day ^^

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Sounds similar to how the Battle Tower Duplication Glitch works, only having some data saved over (in that case it's inventory AND positioning first), then the rest of the data being saved later. Sounds possible to me, but would violate some of the main rules of our categories to make a legitimate run of it.

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