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I don’t see the 3DS Virtual Console in the list of consoles. Am I allowed to submit a run on 3DSVC? If so, it would be nice if one of the moderators could add 3DSVC. Thanks!

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I'm wondering the same. I want to run on one of my 2ds' or 3ds or even a modded DSi but cannot find any info, someone asked else where and they were told to ask the mods. I just tried that, however there isn't a feature to send direct messages. Unless you go on discord. I'm going to run it eventually on VC and submit it, if it's turned down whatever I'll put it on my youtube channel, until it is allowed. Not enough people have tried, or submitted any runs, it's to new for such a small community, most people running already had the hardware to run it other wise. I don't like playing GB games on emu unless it's on my wii.