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So I just found out this very old thread with a password generator for Conquest (already downloaded, apparently safe).

Thing is, it can generate passwords for Pokémons that were not released officially, potentially rendering the Lapras route obsolete (and demanding extensive rerouting with the new options).

I'd argue that we could find those passwords by brute force, and a player could randomly insert those characters in the Password box and get those Pokémons in a casual playthrough, so it sorta is a feature that could be used in runs.

On the other side, using Passwords is already a stretch and using non-official passwords is stretching the 'spirit' of speedrunning even further.

I don't know of any other examples of other games/communities that had this sort of problems, so idk about precedents to make a ruling on this.

What do you guys think, should non-official Passwords be allowed on Any% Passwords or not?

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Quickly looking through the newly available pokés, here are those that I think are worth considering. Mostly I look for good coverage for late game castles and a move that can hit multiple enemies, has good range and isn't clunky to use. The ones I'm most excited about are highlighted.

- Bastiodon: Rock Slide has a little bit less accuracy and power compared to Ice Beam, and Bastiodon has way less attack than Lapras. Would help a lot in Avia though, so we could reroute Jolteon into Vaporeon to cover most of what Ice Beam would. Not that excited about this one, though.

- Beedrill and Leavanny: Really good against Yaksha, really bad against anything else.

- Bisharp: Extremelly high Attack stat coupled with a good move and neutral coverage for most castles, except for Spectra, where it hits for super-effective, and Yaksha, where it would struggle a lot. Definitely worth testing.

- Boldore: Similar problems compared to Bastiodon. We can't reasonably evolve this during the run, but 215 attack is very attractive.

- Crobat, Drapion, Toxicroak: Very strong move, unfortunately Poison sucks for later castles.

- Excadrill: Now this is interesting, as we'd get an Excadrill anyways, so having two of them in the Password slots frees up a slot in the party and I'm not sure how I'd fill it. It would absolutely demolish Violight, Valora and Cragspur, but would be useless against Avia. Maybe this could be coupled with an electric type recruit from Violight and Vaporeon route, but I'm not sure.

- Lucario: A beefed up version of Gurdurr that would help significantly with Yaksha, Cragspur, Valora and Nixtorm. Worth trying out, although hitting a single target bums me out. Will also be completely useless in Spectra, but hey it could mean routing out Excadrill and getting something else for Spectra so who knows.

- Staraptor: Really storng pokémon overall, but lacks the coverage for later castles.

- Tyranitar: While the 80% accuracy is a bummer, it's attack is massive and it has great coverage for Avia and Nixtorm. It doesn't do much in Valora but hey, neither does Lapras. I'm still very skeptical about the accuracy and, of the highlighted pokés this is the one I'm the least excited to test.

- Zebstrika and Galvantula: Sorta meh... Discharge is nuts, but it'd be doing Jolteon's job and we'd be going Vaporeon route. Almost completely dead on Cragspur, where we need a lot of help.

Worth noting that choosing any of those would imply a harder Dragnor fight since we'd be lacking Ice coverage.

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Well seeing as Passwords and No Passwords are already separated, I see no problem in allowing generated passwords, especially when you could potentially trial and error them as you said. For reference, we have a Password system called Wondermail in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, and we've allowed a separate Wondermail category for a while with no problems.

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The Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelist of the Roses community, last year found a list of codes in the games code, which unlocked a lot of strong playable cards. This find made the games more consistent and more players have picked up the game making it a bit more competitive.
I see this as a similar thing and can only mean good things. Like Wh0misDS says, we have a separate category if runners do not want to use the codes

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Also worth noting that you can enter event passwords, like the one that gives you Motonari and Motochika instantly. No clue how useful those events will be to Any%.

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I believe this should be allowed in the Passwords category. I could see this as a benefit to the community and possible even bring in more runners to the game. This could change up the Any% too and make beating warriors easier. I'm actually pretty excited about this discovery from looking at it.

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Wouldn't this be cheating or TAS, or are those unoffical passwords actually in the game? How does this even work?


The unofficial passwords are in the game, it's just very unlikely to get the ones you want without a program separate from the game itself. Basically, Nintendo officially released certain passwords that people could use over time, but with this program, we could use all the rest that weren't given out yet.

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That seems pretty cool. I should look into this for my personal save file. Then maybe into speedrunning too. I think we should allow the "unofficial" passwords.


I tested Bisharp and Lucario, with conventional route and using Ralts (from Motochika) with Lucario and Spheal alongside Bisharp. Didn't get good results. Bisharp gets bodied HARD on Cragspur and Yaksha, losing like 5+ minutes. Lucario gets bodied hard in the early game by basically everything.

Still need to try Excadrill and Tyranitar, but things are not looking so good for those new pokés. Ice Beam is just way too good for late game castles.