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Okay so, I out of the blue decided maybe I'd do one of my childhood favorite games (and personal first Pokemon game) to start out for speedrunning, and I'm confused. It sounds like you should be running the game on an emulator, so you can use the RNG manipulation script? Isn't that illegal for speedrunning? I have original hardware and the original game and am not sure what I should do. XD But it sounds like the RNG manip is the preferred method.
I would go to the discord group but I've never speedrun a game before, so that bars me from signing up. 😕
Help please?


Hello, I'm pretty new myself. You should just join the discord group, you won't actually not get accepted just because you're new. To answer your question, you can run the game on console. the rng manip is mostly using a program on your computer to find what frame you need to confirm your name on to get a favorable espeon. Use this program and a timer to do the rng manip properly, no emulator required!


Ah okay, thank you. That does clear up a lot oof. I will definitely apply to join the group. 😛