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Not looking into the route too much, is there really a reasonable difference among games? Idk how the RNG manipulation seeds work and if they only work in one out of the two. Could it make N and Ghetsis faster? Thanks in advance


There are a few minor text differences that don't really matter.
The big one is which legendary you get:

In Black you get Reshiram, so N has Zekrom, and in White its the other way around with you having Zekrom and N having Reshiram.
Reshiram kills Zekrom 1 turn faster than Zekrom Kills Reshiram.

There's literally a 1 turn difference between the two games lol.

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lol, then I guess I can just start running white.


Why would you run White? You get Reshiram in Black version, not white version.

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I don't know if it was due to high ATK IVS, but my Zekrom in my original playthrough of white 2hko'd Reshiram with fusion bolt+dragon claw. If you really wanted to speedrun on white, I believe the only way to reliably do this is to save+restart and rng manip in the middle. But this would create more time than it saved, so it's still always more beneficial to attempt on black. (even if the difference is like half a second... any time counts.)

That being said, I'm broke, and will be doing my attempts on white since that is what I own.