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Not looking into the route too much, is there really a reasonable difference among games? Idk how the RNG manipulation seeds work and if they only work in one out of the two. Could it make N and Ghetsis faster? Thanks in advance


There are a few minor text differences that don't really matter.
The big one is which legendary you get:

In Black you get Reshiram, so N has Zekrom, and in White its the other way around with you having Zekrom and N having Reshiram.
Reshiram kills Zekrom 1 turn faster than Zekrom Kills Reshiram.

There's literally a 1 turn difference between the two games lol.

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lol, then I guess I can just start running white.


Why would you run White? You get Reshiram in Black version, not white version.

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